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As Denmark’s largest technical installation company, with approx 2,400 employees and core competencies within all technical fields, we offer all types of technical solutions across disciplines.

We improve your business

As your technical partner, we improve your business – and not only by solving a technical challenge.

We think big and have a broad scope. So you get a business partner with the widest range of technical expertise in Denmark, and avoid time-consuming coordination.


We take responsibility for the whole process from A to Z and target our services to your specific needs, whether it’s a one-off project, a unique technical specialty, or a comprehensive interdisciplinary technical enterprise.

How should we collaborate?

We are very strong when it comes to collaboration and organization. With many years of experience from large-scale ESCO- and OPP-projects, we know what it takes to achieve the best possible solution. 

Save 20-50 percent on energy costs

We are leading the way when it comes to energy efficiency.

Our customers typically save 20–50 percent on their energy bills and earn the investment back in a few years. Let us show you how.




Our headquarters is based in Albertslund near Copenhagen, but we have offices all over Denmark, so we can service your company wherever it is located. The principle is: One entrance, many possibilities.

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